Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Diwali Celebration at ML Chennai

One mail came on 9th October stating three Events that are going to be held on 14th Oct. Actually we didn't read the mail properly. Me, Vijey and Divya made up the teams for 3 events and send it immediately. I hope that the first entries for all of the events will be from our Team. The Events that are conducted are Rangoli Competition, Treasure Hunt and Quick Gun Contest.

After the enrollment for Rangoli competition Divya and others started planning for Rangoli. The Main Person in this event is Sudhakar a Drawer sorry i mean a Painter. Divya and Kayal were behind him in giving photos and other pix to draw in a chart. After he drew a Big Diya, Divya came up with a better diya and asked him to rub the whole stuff and redrew it again. Hmmm... Hopefully Sudhakar has not frustrated and he rubbed all the things he drew and again drew the new Diya and Other pix which came out very well. Hmmm Sudha gave training to all others for putting the powder around the Photos. The Other Team mates are Vijey and Ayyappan... I think both never had experience in putting rangoli... He he... But they also gave up a good try.

In the same day of the Event (i.e) 14th Oct, Me, Sudhakar, Vijey, Ganesh and Kayal started very early. I came to Guindy station and waited for at least 45 min in hot sun. After 30 Min sudhakar called me and told Ganesh and vijey has not started, so I’m starting in a couple of minutes in his Bike. After 20 Min he called and told that his Bike got punctured and he is standing near Ashoklayland and he asked me come and we can go by Auto. so i started to walk, again he called me and told that it was a prank and they all are standing near the normal pickup place near Guindy Station.

We all 4 started to a Shop in vadapalani where i we can get the dresses for the Quick Gun Contest. Kayal went before us and she started searching the ugliest costumes for four of us. We could able to find a similar Quickgun Constume for Me and Vijey. A Porter Costume for Sudhkar and we searched lot of other consumes for Ganesh, but could not get any. Finally we got a clown costume for Ganesh. We felt it really fits Ganesh :)... Kayal got her own arrangements for Fish Seller costume. After getting all we started back to our Office.

We didn’t work for the Whole day :) ... First the Rangoli Event started and Our Team made a great effort to do their Best... But could not able to get prize because of some reason ... He he he .. It happens all times... Just give a try and Wait for the next turn to get much more better... But really all did a very great Job in that.

The second event started Named “Treasure Hunt" which is not actually a treasure But a small Box with chocolates... We 10 Guys (Me, Vijey, Sudhakar, Ganesh, Ayyappan, Kayal, Divya, sudha, Siva and Srijesh) ... We all gave our try to get the treasure but in vain... the third clue of ours was missing... This was also a great try and we did our best in this...

The Last even is Quick Gun in which Me, Ganesh, Sudhakar, Vijey and Kayal were participating. I and Vijey were in the consume of Quick Gun Murugan which was quite good ... Sudhakar as Porter ... Ganesh as Clown... Kayal as Fish Seller But badly all guys came out even giving a better performance and lack of support since our group is very small... Kayal got the Best Dressed Female and got an Expired Coupon... he he he....

IMG_2335 IMG_2338


Overall we guys made Fun and had a Great Fun... Hope to give better participation in Next event....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Trip to Gods Home – Kerala (Palakad)

             The plan for this trip started way back … before 3 weeks… actual plan was to go for a marriage of a girl working in ISG Hexaware. Normally we go for a marriage, but we wont attend the marriage instead roam around the places we went and enjoy and come back… I feel the only exception is subbu’s marriage in which everyone went in whole Team(ISG). Normally i used to plan for trip in the team .. this time subbu took the initiative… and a long mail chain went between lot of persons and finally subbu was in a stage to drop the trip and somehow the plan again started and worked out… Somehow subbu booked the tickets for going from Chennai to Coimbatore and return ticket from Coimbatore to Chennai… Till the last minute we are not sure we will go for the trip… Finally somehow the plan worked out… the Special thing SAM was on the trip around India for whole of the week… he he he this time to kerala….

I came back to room from office by 8pm.. and had a great dinner and started to board the train… The other guys enjoyed a party with cockroach which seems SAM has given… We all met in the station by 11:00pm… All had food and started to board the train… meanwhile subbu asked to get 3 packs of card which is probably  the permutation for 9 persons… There after we got the card we had a great fun with subbu making him tensed by telling we got only 2 pairs of card… The Fun continued and we land up in the train in 1st Platform.. We boarded the train and start putting mokkai.. the train left the station by 12:00 pm… we were making fun of each other and started playing cards for sometime… Some person in the group is really fond of sleeping, which made the whole group to go for sleep. We all slept by 1:30pm… In morning the train reached by 9:00am… we got down, started for the Gandhipuram bus stop. Reached the bus stop had a very heavy breakfast in Gowri Shankar which is one the best in Coimbatore. Had food and started back to palakad by 11:00 am . we boarded the bus and reached palakad by 1:00 pm…

we started searching for a room and we food one good place to stay and we all went to the room refreshed and started back to find the rent details for Car and to leave to some place nearby… with lot of possibilities everyone is telling one plan… even the Travel person got tensed and told that at least one should plan and implement that. SO finally it was a Lunch Time so we went to a nearby restaurant, had a good food and started planning again.. I felt like we are going to sleep in the room without going anywhere…  Somehow Subbu and Sam managed for find the way to go the nearby place Malampuzha…

1   5

We boarded a bus and went to the place. actually it was one the good place in palakad… but the time  we visited it was very hot and humid… hmmmm…. Malampuzha, a little township on the foothills of the Western Ghats, Palakad, Kerala, India.Major attractions are Dam, amusement park, boating facilities, rock garden and ropeway. we went to the Boating place… waited for atleast 1/2 hour for a ride.. had a very good ride in the boat for around 1/2 hour and came back… There i could find a Model named Karthick Srini and the very silent person Prasanna.. even a real model would not have taken so many picture in his lifetime… our Model took pictures more than that.. he he he…. The best comedian in the whole trip is our Junior Junior DBA  Stanley.. he he he…. The Pair to him is the Business Intellect Mani along with aravind…. The another Best person is Karthick… Not mentioning the  Model i was talking about… he can be termed as Hacker.. he he he…  With them it is we 3 SAM, subbu and Me… Since we are Bored a lot so went inside the park roamed here and there.. took lot of photos of Flowers… and Started playing the Role play game….








After sometime i got out and roamed the whole park viewing the Big DAM and a bridge which is like london bridge… after sometime a call came from subbu to come back for us to leave… So i came there and we started walking back to Room having juices and snacks… we met a Cab person with a Jeep… Finally we started planning for the next day.. We talked to that Cab person finally we decided to go to Silent Valley on the Next Day and we planned to start by 8:30 in morning… We started back to the room by Bus making a great fun… We came back to the room, planned for a big party there and it started… we talked and made FUN a lot…. We missed the our Model and Silent Person in the Party… Seems they both are preparing for seminar on monday… Hmmmm… Finally all enjoyed the party and want to play cards… since everyone are bit Heavy and feel so tired we slept by 2:00pm…


Next day all wake and got ready… He he he … It was pretty late by an Hour… we started from room by 8:30am by a Sumo… After some 1 Hour of drive everyone felt hungry and we stopped in Mannarkad, had a very heavy Breakfast and made a big Fun in the Hotel and started back to silent Valley…


Mukkali  which is a small village reached by negotiating atleast 19 hairpins from Mannarkad. Mukkali, has claim to fame is that its the entry point to Silent Valley. The Silent Valley National Park is the oldest patch of tropical evergreen forest in the world spread around 89 sq km area.




We reached there the “Forest Warden” Office and came to know that we need to book the tickets ahead. Finally subbu and the driver spoke and made arrangements to start inside the Forest in 2 jeeps. The ride in jeep was great. it was around 23Km into the forest. We are so unlucky that we could not see any animals there except lion tailed monkey and a Forest Squirrel . But we enjoyed the Ride and the Silent Forest with Full greenish trees. We came to know from the guide that the Kerala state’s electricity board  wanted to built a dam and generate electricity.The environmentalists stepped in and finally they stopped building the dam. We reached the top of the Hill By 3:00pm.. the climate was fantastic and we could heard the roaring of tiger and the sound of elephant there.





IMG_7738 IMG_7739 IMG_7767 

In the top of hill they have build a watch tower which is quite high we could see the whole of the Forest from the top. The view from the peak was awesome. We could see vast stretches of rain forests. The guide told that there are lot of leeches and we need to be careful. Unfortunately a Leech Bit me and blood came out at least for 3 minutes. We saw a museum which gives details about the whole forest. We started back and came back to the place we started by 5:00pm… then we stepped in a small stream took bath and started back to palakad. While returning back there was a heavy rain there and it is fantastic to see hills in rain. On the Way we had heavy food both lunch and dinner there in mannarkad. we reached palakad by 6:30pm… Made some Fun in Hotel room and started back to coimbatore by 8:30pm.. We reached Coimbatore  by 10:00pm.. Got into the train by 12:00pm reached Chennai by next day 9:30pm…

The Trip was enjoyable… Looking forward to write another blog in next trip.




Monday, July 20, 2009

கேள்வி பதில் ...

நண்பர்கள் சாம் மற்றும் ஜெக்கு தொந்தரவு தங்க முடியலே அதனால இந்த பதிவை எழுதுகிறேன்.இது ஒரு தொடர் பதிவு, மனித சங்கிலி மாதிரி பதிவக சங்கிலி !!!!! உங்களால் உங்களுடன் ஓர் நேர் கானல்.. நீங்களும் எழுத முயற்சி பண்ணி பாருங்கோ ..

சரி எனது நேர்கானலுக்கு செல்வோம்..

உங்களுக்கு ஏன் இப்பெயர் வந்தது? உங்களுக்கு உங்க பெயர் பிடிக்குமா?

சத்தியமா எதுக்கு இந்த பேரு வேச்சங்கனு தெரியல. ஆனா இந்த பேரில் நல்ல அர்த்தம் இருக்குதுன்னு நெனைகறேன்.என் பேரு என்க்கு ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும். நம்ம பேரு நமக்கு பிடிக்கலென எப்படி ...

கடைசியாக அழுதது எப்போது..?

எனக்கும் கொஞ்சம் ஈசியா கண்ணீர் வந்துடும்... ஒரு சில நாட்களுக்கு முன்னால்..

உங்களோட கையெழுத்து உங்களுக்குப் பிடிக்குமா?

என் கையெழுத்து எனக்கு பிடிக்கும் ஆனா நான் எழுதி ரொம்ப நாள் ஆச்சு..

பிடித்த மதிய உணவு??

அம்மா சமைக்கும் எது வேணுமானாலும்,தயிர் சாதம் மற்றும் ஜேக்கு மற்றும் சாம் என்ன சமச்சாலும் ரொம்ப பிடிக்கும் இவர்கள் சமைகரதே வேற யாரும் சாப்பிட முடியாது...ஹி ஹி ஹி ..

நீங்கள் வேறுயாருடனாவது உங்களோட நட்பை உடனே வச்சுக்குவீங்களா?

கொஞ்சம் கஷ்டம் ... ஆனா பழகுனா சீக்கரம் விட மாட்டேன் .. விட்டுட்டா சேரவே மாட்டேன்..

கடலில் குளிக்கப் பிடிக்குமா? அருவியில் குளிக்கப் பிடிக்குமா?

அருவி மற்றும் கடல் இரண்டிலும் குளிக்க பிடிக்கும். அன்ன கடல்ல குளுசது இல்ல..

முதலில் ஒருவரைப் பார்க்கும் போது எதைக் கவனிப்பீர்கள்??

உடை நிறம்

உங்க கிட்ட உங்களுக்கு..பிடித்த விஷயம் என்ன..பிடிக்காத விஷயம் என்ன?

பிடித்தது - இரக்க குணம்

பிடிகாதது - சில நேரம் வரும் கோபம்

உங்க சரிபாதி கிட்ட உங்களுக்கு பிடித்த,பிடிக்காத விஷயம்?

கொஞ்ச மாசம் வெயிட் பன்னுங்க ..

யார் பக்கத்தில் இல்லாம இருக்கறதுக்கு வருந்துகிறீர்கள்?

நீண்ட நாள் பழகிய நண்பர்கள் மத்தியில்..

இதை எழுதும்போது என்ன வர்ண உடை அணிந்துள்ளீர்கள்?

மஞ்சள் சொக்க கருப்பு கொளா

என்ன பாட்டு கேட்டுக் கொண்டிருக்கிறீங்க?..

எதுவும் கேட்குல.. எழுதும்போது எப்படி பட்டு கேக்கறது..

வர்ணப் பேனாவாக உங்களை மாற்றினால், என்ன நிறப் பேனாவாக மாற ஆசை?

சிவப்பு, பச்சை

பிடித்த மணம்?

மழைக்கு முன் மண் வாசனை..

நீங்க அழைக்க விரும்பும் பதிவரிடம்..உங்களுக்கு பிடித்த விஷயம்..அவரை அழைக்கக் காரணம்?

ஜெக்கு, சுப்பூ, சாம் ... சந்தோசத்தை, துக்கத்தை பகிர்ந்துகொள்ள, அவர்களது மொக்கை ....

பிடித்த விளையாட்டு?
கிரிக்கெட் , போர்டு விளையாட்டு

கண்ணாடி அணிபவரா? ஆமாம் ஒரு வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னால் .. இப்போது இல்லை

எப்படிப்பட்ட திரைப்படம் பிடிக்கும்? பாக்க முடுஞ்ச படம்னா பாக்கலாம்... ஆனா எல்லா படமும் பார்பேன்..

கடைசியாக பார்த்த படம்?

Persuit of Happiness முப்பதாவது வாட்டி..

பிடித்த பருவ காலம் ?.

இப்போது வீட்டில் இருக்கும் காலம்.. அந்த காலத்தில் பரீட்சை லீவ் இருக்கற காலம்...

இப்போது படித்துக் கொண்டிருக்கும் புத்தகம்?

புத்தகம் படிக்க டைம் இல்ல .. இப்ப இ புக் தான்.. .NET Framework 3.5

உங்க டெஸ்க் டாப்பில் இருக்கும் படத்தை எத்தனை நாளைக்கு ஒரு முறை மாற்றுவீர்கள்?

இதுவரைக்கும் மாத்தவே இல்ல... கம்பெனி பாலிசியமா மாத்தகுடாதுநு சொல்லிருகங்க..

பிடித்த சத்தம்? பிடிக்காத சத்தம்?

பிடித்தது - லைட் மியூசிக்

பிடிகாதது - காலையில் அடிக்கும் கோகுல் மொபைல் அலாரம்

வீட்டை விட்டு நீங்கள் சென்ற அதிக தொலைவு?

வீடு பாத்தா, கண்ணுல மரயிற தூரம் வரைக்கும்..

உங்களுக்கு ஏதேனும் தனித்திறமை இருக்கிறதா?

நிஜமா தெரியாது .. நண்பர்களே எதாச்சும் இருந்த சொல்லுங்க..

உங்களால் ஏற்றுக் கொள்ளமுடியா ஒரு விஷயம்..?

வறுமை.. அடுத்தவனை எமதறது..

உங்களுக்கு உள்ளே இருக்கும் சாத்தான்?

ரொம்ப கோவப்படுவேன்....

உங்களுக்குப் பிடித்த சுற்றுலாத் தலம்?

இன்னும் கண்டுபிடிக்கல.... இதுவரைக்கும் பெங்களூர், ஊட்டி ..

எப்படி இருக்கணும்னு ஆசை ??

கடைசி வரைக்கும் சந்தோசம் ... முடிஞ்ச வரைக்கும் அடுத்தவர்களை சந்தோஷ படுத்துறது...

மனைவி இல்லாம செய்ய விரும்பும் காரியம் ??..

ஆப்லைன்ல பேசிக்கலாம் .. சுப்ஜெக்ட் டு சேன்ஜ்...

வாழ்வு பற்றி ஒரு வரியில் சொல்லுங்க?

சிரிப்பில் கொஞ்சம் வருத்தத்தில் கொஞ்சம் இது தான் வாழ்கை பயணம்...

வாழ்கை என்பது போராட்டம் வாழ்ந்து காட்டு!
வாழ்கை என்பது பூங்காவகம் சந்தோஷமாயிரு!
வாழ்கை என்பது பாலைவனம் மனந்தளராதே!
வாழ்கை என்பது மலர்தூவிய படுக்கை அனுபவி-ஆனால்
வாழ்கை என்பது ஒரு கட்டுப்பாடானதுஎல்லையை மீறி விடாதே!
- என் நண்பன் கவிதை

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Trip to Tirupathi

On Midnight of 11th, I with my brother in Law (Uday) started our journey in train towards the world renowned temple of Sri Venkateshwara in the holy city of Tirupati. This is an 8 hour journey from Coimbatore. This trip we have planned ahead before 3 months and booked the tickets for Dharshan and Staying. Actually I have a horrible experience of staying in a Bad Room when i went there previously with my whole family, so this time I have booked the tickets for Staying.

We reached there by 12th Morning by 7:30 am. Went to a restaurant and had good breakfast. I had 2 Dosai and my brother in Law had poori. But actually speaking it is not as good as the one we get in Tamilnadu. We are planning to go to the top of Hill by walk, but we took bus service instead. We had a good Drive in bus for 30 Minutes and reached to the Hill Top. We reached there by 9:30 am. After getting down the Bus we had a huge walk to find where to give the Internet booked receipt and get the room allotted. Finally we found to from an auto driver that it is in Padmavathy Office. So we asked the auto man to take us to that place. Gave the receipt and get the room allotted. We asked the person in that office about the place we are going to stay. He told that it is very near and we can walk and go there.

We started our walk, would have asked at least 3 or 4 persons about the way where we are going to stay. Finally came to the place where we are going to stay by 10:00 am. We went to the reception, show the receipt, the person asked me to write the address and sign a register. After getting the signature we walked to get the Key. There are around 10 people sitting with the Key for different blocks. We would have asked at least 4 people and found the right person who we have got the key. We waited there for sometime for him to come. Got the Key and went upstairs to the room. The room was quite decent. My Brother in law went to the place for head shaving and he was waiting in a queue. Meanwhile i took bath roam around some places and came back to room.

After he shaved his head he looked completely different. He looks like a villan in Tamil movies. He he he... He got a bath and finally we started for darshan 'Q'. The Queue was quite high since it was a sunday. We stood there in the queue for more than 3 Hours to get Dharshan. We had a Very good darshan of the Lord Venkateshwara around 1:30pm. We thought of having another dharshan he he, But We tried to go back again.. But could not make up.. I was very hungry; we roamed around the places for lunch, but could not be able to get a good place to eat. We took Dosai and Vadai for Lunch. Came back to Room, had a very good nap.

We started back by 6:30 pm to get down the hill. We reached down by 7:00 pm. We tried to get a Train or Bus. We could not find any free seats in bus. Luckily I got into a Bus which was quite bad which I found out after travelling one hours on that to Chennai. My Brother in law took a Open Ticket and some how got into A/c Coach and started back to Coimbatore. This trip is too good and we enjoyed a lot in this trip.I still miss my Sisters, Mother and Dad in the Trip, but a Good One and a very good dharshan. Prayers to All

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trekking Trip in TADA Falls

A small intro of our planning a trip to TADA. Hmmm actually we have not planned a trip to tada. Instead we have planned a Movie trip to Satyam or Mayajal. Hmmm finally I, Sudhakar, Vijey and Ganesh accepted a plan of going to mayajal and ganesh is the person in charge of getting the tickets. The Day we planned, the same night ganesh, night be after a long thinking sent a message to all of us stating why not plan trip to TADA. Hmmm the time he sent the message mostly all of them are fast asleep and no one noticed the message.

Asusual I was sleeping till 9am. The same happens to Sudhakar and Vijey... Hope only Ganesh would have wake up Very early by 8:55am thinking we were awake and would have replied for the message. But noone replied for the message. Then Sudhakar called me by 9:45am and we are discussing about the falls and we called up Vijey and Ganesh and put up in conference. Hmmm finally we called up newly wed Divya to ask whether she is coming with muthu to Trip. But I hope Muthu might have got scolding and would have told her that i won’t come out with you. so she said I wont come with u guys. Hmmm Poor muthu... Finally we planned to start by 10:30am. Hmmm a Quick plan really worked out finally. Hmm sudhakar has already told only quick plan will Work out. And there was a big confusion on how to Go . Is it by Car or Ganesh's new Jeep? a big debate went and finally we agreed to go in Car. Ganesh was literally worried... Hmm he keeps on saying we would have come in JEEP. Hope we would be going back there in his Jeep with four wheel drive soon.


Ganesh, Vijey and Sudhakar started in car by 10:15am from Sudhakar's place. Hmm but actually sudhakar told me that ganesh has not yet come and he is on the way since he came by his jeep. So thinking that I left one train and waiting for another train from Nungambakkam to Guindy. Hmmm Before reaching there i would have got too much phone calls from ganesh and sudhakar asking me where I’m. Finally I reached Guindy by 10:30Am... Hmmm I hope it would be the quickest trip ever planned and the grand success.

We Started from Guindy Sharp 10:45am playing rocking Tamil songs. Got hold in a heavy traffic. Ganesh was very patient to drive through that high traffic from guindy to Redhills. We are planning to have food inbetween but didnt stop anywhere. We stopped near a small village nearby. I hope if we would have missed that we would not have got food to eat and DRINKS to drink... A good fun in the Tea shop with Ganesh asking him a parcel of Tea in a Cup, but the Tea man has asked for High or Low tichasan. We got everything packed with snacks and Lunch we headed towards TADA.

TADA is on the way route to srikalahasti. You need to travel deep into village to reach the falls. It was quite a heavy drive from Chennai to TADA falls. we have Ganesh Starting First and Sudhakar continues a full stretch in NH 65 Chennai - Culcutta Highway and After sometime vijey took over and went the way hmmm the slowest drive we had in the trip. And we paid Toll in TADA Gateway and Sudhakar took over a Great drive which doesn’t have Roads. Hmmm it was really a great Drive we reached the parking place there. And in-between we had a good view of Kalki Ashrammam and took a few snaps. I suggest you people need to get necessary food and water so that u wont starve there.


This Tada falls trip has beaten the expectations. We were travelling in the chennai – kolkata highway. I feel that the highway is not that good as the chennai-bangalore highway, but it will be the Best after 6 Way traffic lanes if completed. We took the route from Koyembedu, Anna nagar, Red hills, Karanodai, padi which leads to Srikalahasti, towards Nellore.
When you say falls, you would imagine the previous falls you had seen and u expect the similar kind of view. But for us, it was not. We got totally a different feeling. Sudhakar and Ganesh were driving the car and it’s a challenge for him and the Car would have cried if it had feelings like in cars Movie. Also we saw huge mountains, and ground before that where we spent some time and then started towards falls. We reached a place where the road ends. After that there were no proper roads. It was made up of pebble and marble stones. You cannot drive just like that. We also see people driving their bike over the stones road. We were very much afraid whether his car will go crossing these obstacles. Ganesh challenged and we all supported him despite having fear at our heart. But one thing we all had in our mind is that “enjoy what ever that comes…”

We reached to a certain distance where smaller no. of cars and bikes were parked. Then we refreshed there and locked every thing inside the car and started walking towards the falls. While on the go, we shoot some videos, pictures. The photos were taken with Vijey's Camera. Having all sorts of fun like this, we are marching towards. The Climate was fantastic with slight drizzling. Sudhakar got tired and asked for some rest, still we insisted him to walk and take rest after reaching the destination. We all encouraged ourselves and started walking towards the falls. People told that it’s just 3 km and a hour wlaking from the parking slot. Hearing those, our hearts filled with joy. But that is not true. We walked almost 5 km and around 2 hours inside the Tada forest and reached a place where you can see the running water. Some of our friends /ancestors where there jumping over the trees. he he he he …. Its monkey….

We all played in this running water for some time, took snaps etc. after that we started again towards the main falls. We wanted to see the main falls; again we started walking towards it. at some point, there is no proper route. We walked towards the top of a little mountain, then down and then walking in the ground and reached a place where a small temple was there and there too i could see people selling snacks etc. on the way to this place, we saw crystal clear running water flowing towards the place where we were playing. Besides the temple, is the water flowing. it is very chill. We saw a bunch of people playing in water here. We thought this is the end of the falls….but people said there is no falls and u need to walk at least 1hour to reach the falls. We walked with confidence and some sort of adamant behavior which forced us to see the end of the falls. We were walking towards a cave.

This is the place which you never ever had seen before. Giant Rocks, water flowing beneath it, caves at some places. All these made me to feel danger at beneath my heart, but a thrilling experience. at last, we ended seeing the falls in a small cave at some height, we saw water pouring from it. At the bottom is the hole and if you been in to that, you can never get out. We reached this place at around 5PM. when we started from the parking slot, the time was 2.45PM. Then we all went into that cave like place and took bath. The water was so chill like the fridge cold water. The pain we had while walking towards this place had gone away after sitting under the falls. It so cool you know. Every body should experience this and this nice place. We were there for an hour and started at around 6.30 PM. we plan to reach the car before sun light goes off since there is none who can help out. No villagers. And the thrill continues.

Once we started to reach the car, we were again walking over Giant Rocks, greenish water which can make you slip and fell down. Thank fully, we were all safe, but I fall down in couple of places. We thought No injury for us, but I found my nail came out after coming to Chennai.

While returning, we were walking along the route in which water is flowing. We had faith in ourselves and some danger in our heart which we didn’t reveal to any one. But our heart is filled with fun, thrill, danger, pain. Some how, we reached the temple back again. From here, the route is clear. We were walking along with we could not see any person on the way. And at last, at around 7 PM we reached the car by slowing walking over the mountains and in the forest.
Ganesh started driving the car so that we will be leaving the place quickly. one thing which we did wrong is that we didn’t pack WATER to Drink and we paid a Big money to get WATER. The biscuit was helpful for us as we lost most of our energy by crossing over Giant Rocks and walking through the forest and mountains. Ganesh started driving carefully back to Home. i suggest people when going for a long drive like this, have more than one people who knows driving, It was really helpful to us since one is not tired. We some how reached the highway and was travelling towards Chennai.
With the Great Travel, we reached Anna Nagar I dropped out there and went to room in Bus. I got info from Ganesh and sudhakar that there was a huge Traffic and they reached home only by 10:30 ... Hurray... A Great Fun and Enjoyment after a Long time... Thanks Sudhakar, Ganesh and Vijey Who made the Day a Great FUN :)
Soon will narrate another Trip...