Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Diwali Celebration at ML Chennai

One mail came on 9th October stating three Events that are going to be held on 14th Oct. Actually we didn't read the mail properly. Me, Vijey and Divya made up the teams for 3 events and send it immediately. I hope that the first entries for all of the events will be from our Team. The Events that are conducted are Rangoli Competition, Treasure Hunt and Quick Gun Contest.

After the enrollment for Rangoli competition Divya and others started planning for Rangoli. The Main Person in this event is Sudhakar a Drawer sorry i mean a Painter. Divya and Kayal were behind him in giving photos and other pix to draw in a chart. After he drew a Big Diya, Divya came up with a better diya and asked him to rub the whole stuff and redrew it again. Hmmm... Hopefully Sudhakar has not frustrated and he rubbed all the things he drew and again drew the new Diya and Other pix which came out very well. Hmmm Sudha gave training to all others for putting the powder around the Photos. The Other Team mates are Vijey and Ayyappan... I think both never had experience in putting rangoli... He he... But they also gave up a good try.

In the same day of the Event (i.e) 14th Oct, Me, Sudhakar, Vijey, Ganesh and Kayal started very early. I came to Guindy station and waited for at least 45 min in hot sun. After 30 Min sudhakar called me and told Ganesh and vijey has not started, so I’m starting in a couple of minutes in his Bike. After 20 Min he called and told that his Bike got punctured and he is standing near Ashoklayland and he asked me come and we can go by Auto. so i started to walk, again he called me and told that it was a prank and they all are standing near the normal pickup place near Guindy Station.

We all 4 started to a Shop in vadapalani where i we can get the dresses for the Quick Gun Contest. Kayal went before us and she started searching the ugliest costumes for four of us. We could able to find a similar Quickgun Constume for Me and Vijey. A Porter Costume for Sudhkar and we searched lot of other consumes for Ganesh, but could not get any. Finally we got a clown costume for Ganesh. We felt it really fits Ganesh :)... Kayal got her own arrangements for Fish Seller costume. After getting all we started back to our Office.

We didn’t work for the Whole day :) ... First the Rangoli Event started and Our Team made a great effort to do their Best... But could not able to get prize because of some reason ... He he he .. It happens all times... Just give a try and Wait for the next turn to get much more better... But really all did a very great Job in that.

The second event started Named “Treasure Hunt" which is not actually a treasure But a small Box with chocolates... We 10 Guys (Me, Vijey, Sudhakar, Ganesh, Ayyappan, Kayal, Divya, sudha, Siva and Srijesh) ... We all gave our try to get the treasure but in vain... the third clue of ours was missing... This was also a great try and we did our best in this...

The Last even is Quick Gun in which Me, Ganesh, Sudhakar, Vijey and Kayal were participating. I and Vijey were in the consume of Quick Gun Murugan which was quite good ... Sudhakar as Porter ... Ganesh as Clown... Kayal as Fish Seller But badly all guys came out even giving a better performance and lack of support since our group is very small... Kayal got the Best Dressed Female and got an Expired Coupon... he he he....

IMG_2335 IMG_2338


Overall we guys made Fun and had a Great Fun... Hope to give better participation in Next event....