Monday, August 8, 2011

A Trip to Bangalore and Mysore.

It is quite a long time i pinned my blog. Let me take some time out to write this blog which was a trip to Bangalore and Mysore from Chennai. I was very much excited to see the old friends whom i have met them quite a long back. The main intention of this trip is to meet Samuel and see his new Born Kid. Planning is always lagging in all the trips i went. even this trip is not an exception.

We started our trip from Chennai to Bangalore in sadapthi. This is the first time I'm traveling to Bangalore in Sadapthi. I started a bit late and rushed to central station to pick up the train in 2B. I found that Subbu and others had already been there two hours before to station. it is quite a long time i traveled in Local train to central, i enjoyed the way from Thiruvanmayur to Part Station in Foot Board :) in Local train. I reached the station and went directly to central.
The train started by 5:30pm The seats which we have booked are not in order, but stanley and others somehow managed to make way to get the seats nearer except for Hacker Karthik. Subbu somehow talked and put mokkai with a person who is an MD in some company and managed to get his seat to Hacker. He might have put so much mokkai, might be planning to get a project to Hexaware from his company :). Finally we all settled down in our seats. I could find mostly all the persons in the train had a laptop in their lap and working. The only persons who made so much noise in the whole train is our group. The Food which was given in train is better. Somehow we put lot of mokkai and Fun to eat away the time and we finally reached Bangalore by 10:30 pm. I heard from friend Kumar that it is raining heavily there, But when we reached the station we found that the rain have stopped.

Karthik has booked the Hotel very near to Railway station, It was quite good and Bit cheaper when compared to lot more hotels. We reached the Hotel by 11:00 pm and we started talking the whole old gold stories in the room. we finally got Settled down in the room. We talked so much that we planned to sleep only my morning 5 am. stanley and Others managed to Get the Cab booked by 5 am when they went to have tea outside. I heard from stanley that the cab will come by 7 am and we will start by 7:30 am. But i could realize that even after 8:30 all the persons are sleeping. Somehow everyone managed to wake up and got ready by 9:30 am and went down. we started waiting for one more person for quite a long long time and he came by 10:00 am and we started to Samuel's place. We didn't had our breakfast. we were planning to have breakfast with Sam somewhere near his place. The traffic in Bangalore was so heavy that it took around 45 minutes to reach Sam's place which is around 4 Km from Majestic. We somehow found Sam's place. i would have called him at least 5 times to know the place. Sam was waiting in balcony and waiving hands at us like a politician. It was quite a happy moment that i have seen sam might be after an year or so .. after his marriage. We had a chat with Samuel and his wife and had tea and snacks and we said bye to him and head to Mysore in the Cab. We started from sam's place by 11:30 am. Everyone was so hungry since we didn't have the breakfast. We stopped in Some Sagar Hotel and Had a Heavy Breakfast and started the cab by 12:00 pm. I could hear from the driver that this time we should have been in Mysore to see most of the things, But we were still in bangalore. We somehow managed to Hit Bangalore Mysore road with quite a decent speed and we stopped in some hotel to have lunch. The lunch was not so good but still the price was heavy. After lunch we started again in cab. On the way we have played anthakshari and Guess the Person game. Some how managed to reach Mysore by 2:00 pm.We reached Mysore Place.

Mysore Palace or the Maharajah's Palace located in the heart of the Mysore city, is the most attractive monument in Mysore. The original palace built of wood, got burnt down in 1897 and was rebuilt by Wodeyar Raja in 1912. Designed in Indo-Saracenic style by the some British architect the palace is a treasure house of exquisite carvings and works of art from all over the world.

The three storeyed building has a series of square towers with arches covered by domes. There is big open space in the front and the open courtyard in the center is covered by a gold-plated dome.The entry to the palace is through the Doll's Pavilion, a gallery of Indian and European sculpture and ceremonial objects. Halfway along is the elephant gate, which is the main entrance to the centre of the palace. The gate is decorated with floriated designs, and bears the Mysore royal symbol of a double headed eagle which is the Symbol of Karnataka Now. Inside there is an enclosed courtyard. To the north of the gate are dolls, dating from the earlier nineteenth century, a wooden carriage kept on top of the elephants to carry royalty decorated with 84 kilogram of 24 carat gold and other precious metals. It also have a golder flag in top of the doom weighed around 14 Kilograms of Pure Gold.

Then, the magnificent Kalyana Mantapam has a centre octagonal ceiling, covered by multi coloured glass arranged in geometrical patterns and beautiful chandeliers. Tall, slender cast iron pillars from Glasgow, Scotland are arranged in groups of three. The floor is laid with glittering glazed tiles imported from England, The walls which lead to the Mandapa are lined with oil paintings depicting Dusshera celebrations and the paintings of Kings, Queens and their Children. On the second floor, the Durbar Hall has an ornate ceiling, a shining floor with many sculpture and pillars which are said to have been painted with gold. The wall is painted with 8 avathars of Goddess Shakthi, Scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata and an original painting of the painter Ravi Verma are kept here.In the same floor to there is a hall for private audience that has beautifully carved doors at the entrance with great art work. The hall has beautiful stained glass ceiling, supported by bow shaped beams and bars. The palace is illuminated with Bulbs on Saturday and Sunday nights, and during the festive season of Dussera.The palace now under the supervision of the Archaeology Department of the Karnataka Government.Heard that ancestor of the Wodeyar rulers continues to reside here.


Not for long though, as we had one last stop before heading back to Bangalore; Brindavan Gardens. We started from Mysore palace by 5:30pm.The sun was setting as we approached the Gardens.At Night By the time we reached the gardens, it was dark and we were just in time for the show. Brindavan Gardens is a man-made garden at the base of a giant dam. Luckily at night the dam fades into the darkness, and your attention is focused on the many multi-colored fountains and well-lit flowerbeds.The Musical Fountain! A multi-patterned fountain, complete with every color and the latest Old Bollywood hits :), all synced together in to one fantastic show!.Just as the show finished, I managed to find the group, where we jumped into the stream of people that worked their way back through the gardens, like a school of fish, trying their hardest to make it to the front and first to the parking lot.It was an unforgettable experience in many ways.After finding our driver and the cab, we loaded into the cab one last time and started on our journey back to Bangalore.It was a day filled with action-packed tourist attraction sight-seeing and fun!!. The Drive was so hectic that on getting down from the cab we felt as if we were at the midst of death and came back alive :) hahaha.

The Second day went very fast, Woke up very late and got ready. Others went to roam around Bangalore malls and I went to visit my friend Rajukumar's Home. Had a nice lunch and Nice dinner. Roamed with Raju in his car and Head back to Majestic in Bus. Reached the hotel exactly at 10:00 pm and Rushed to Bangalore Station to get the train to Chennai. Even we could not able to get all the seats near and we managed to Sleep in train and reached to Central station. Nice Trip and Nice Enjoyment after a quite long long time. Planning to GO to Munnar, Kerala This weekend. Hope I'll pen those moments :). Enjoyed writing this blog after long time :)... Back in Chennai.... At Office :(


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